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Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215

Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215
Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215
Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215
Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215
Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215
Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215
Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215
Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215

Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215

COMPLETE CAPACITOR and TRIMMER OVERHAUL UPGRADE for. ALL Revox and Studer Cassette Tape Machines. Over the years restoring Revoxs, inevitably running the gauntlet and frustration of finding information and spares, the engineer in me has often asked the question. Why cant I just get a professional upgrade kit with all the bits and pieces that are.

FOUR SEPARATE KITS for each of the various STUDER and REVOX machines. Dont waste your time replacing just one or two capacitors on machines that are now 25 - 40 years old, replace ALL the troublesome electrolytics and tantalums. Usually the old high voltage capacitors associated with the motors and tape drive will be shot electrically and often even visually. Some capacitors may test ok on a low voltage modern tester.

However capacitors usually need to be tested after they have operated for at least 10 hours (after being discharged and stored for many years) at working voltage and then tested under actual working voltage conditions. Modern testers cant do this. For such relatively low cost components its prudent to just replace the lot. Ours are new recent manufacture and specially designed as a worthy replacement for the originals.

Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics and tantalums in the tape transport, power supply, control systems and all audio systems. Associated fully enclosed cermet type preset potentiometers.

For B710 and A710 the factory recommended electronic components for SI106/87 D/E A710 modifications. The kit contains specially sourced, new, freshly manufactured components from reliable manufacturers whom we have been dealing with for many years. No NOS (new old stock) or 2nd hand items!! The audio signal path capacitors are specially selected low noise, low leakage / high stability types, most of which are specifically made for Nagravox..

The preset pots are cermet and fully enclosed guaranteeing decades of trouble free operation and adjustment. PLEASE SELECT THE KIT THAT MATCHES YOUR MACHINE.

Price will be calculated accordingly. Service sheet instructions and Support. Hints and suggestions for each board are included with pictures detailing exactly which components go where, component replacement lists and a host of useful tips, checks and basic calibration. Some pages of this comprehensive overhaul resource are included as pictures in this listing as examples. We don't leave you all alone out there with plastic bag full of strange looking components!

Pictures in gallery and description show various aspects of tape recorder restoration using Nagravox kits typical of our service sheets and what we encounter in our workshop. These are for elaboration / information only and are not what is supplied in our kit of parts which is detailed as a picture of. When you select the model.

GENERAL INFORMATION ON OUR KITS. Our kits contain specially sourced, new, freshly manufactured components from reliable manufacturers whom we have been dealing with for many years. No NOS (new old stock) or 2.

The motor capacitors are specially manufactured for us for Revox tape deck motors as are large power supply can type electrolytics. The audio signal path capacitors are specially selected low noise, low leakage / high stability types that we have specifically tested and sourced to be. The preset pots are cermet fully enclosed guaranteeing decades of trouble free operation and adjustment. Other audio path caps and transistors.

I try to design kits on teh basis of what is most likely to be degraded without going over the top. We don't usually supply audio path related non polarised path paper, mica, poly or other caps. Include them at a nominal cost.

Our precision high grade motor capacitors are specially made to our specifications for us for Revox and Studer tape decks. There are NOT generic white washing machine / fan capacitors which have wide specification tolerances. White plastic generic washing machine or fan capacitors - they are mass produced to wide specification tolerances, inaccurate and - frankly good for fans and washing machines BUT not precision tape recorders. Especially don't believe anyone who tells you that a different higher capacitance is better! Our motor capacitors are the exact Revox capacitance values not "approximately close". Anyone who implies that a higher capacitance value is better is talking nonsense. Also PLEASE never use old motor caps - its just not on and is a rip-off! Our motor capacitors ensure the capstan and reel motors develop the correct starting and running torque necessary for smooth tape transport under a variety of tape tensions. If you have wow and flutter or sluggish FFWD or RWD then your motor capacitors could be the problem. Far exceed the original specifications and are X2 rated to 275VAC. Cheaper inferior 400VDC and 600VDC capacitors just wont do the job because they are not AC continuously rated and you will be sorry. And other makes of suppressor capacitors fitted by Studer / Revox to most of their machines which have often been referred to as little smokers.

A coined WWW term I really loathe! These at the time were the best available. The have done what they have supposed to do suppress surges and spikes due to inductive / capacitive switching and are simply old and passed their normal age and service duty period. They have never been bad capacitors. Just like the parrot in Monty Python they have gone to meet their maker and have done a sterling job for decades.

Its simply time to replace them. Did you know - capacitors degrade when they have been stored for a long time. The expected design life of. And motor capacitor does not extend beyond 20 years and they degrade quickly whether under under working or storage conditions when they are older than this. Our own Nagravox Service Manual Instructions.

For all kits, full instructions for each board are included with pictures before and after detailing exactly which components go where and a host of useful tips, checks and basic calibration. We are still the only supplier of kits that has taken the time and effort to produce a detailed instruction manual on how to install our kits, what to look out for and how to maintain existing calibration. Some of these exceed 100 pages and share our collective knowledge and experience over many years and many hundreds of restorations. Replacing just one or two capacitors on machines that are now 25 - 40 years old, replace ALL the likley troublesome electrolytics and tantalums. Old high voltage capacitors associated with the motors and tape drive will be near the end of their useful life - electrically and often even visually.

All our components are new recent manufacture specifically for Nagravox and specifically specified as worthy replacement for the originals. Another typical example of Nagravox service sheets. Because we think that you should be proud of your work and it shows you have done a proper job.

Desoldering tool or good solder sucker. Switch contact cleaner WITHOUT lubricant. Screwdrivers, nose pliers, side cutters, 5mm - 13mm metric sockets and spanners.


Please communicate with me at Nagravox. This is my preferred medium for communication for all queries, aspects you may need assurance on, parts, puzzling faults and of course for a chat. DO YOU NEED SPECIFIC SPARE PARTS? We have many individual components for all Revox and Studer machines. Please check back periodically or contact Nagravox with your requirements.

Are formulated to include all the bits likely to need replacing that are commonly related. These target the most likely worn or age degraded parts. We try to incorporate most of the confusing or difficult aspects one needs to look out for in our upgrade kits instructional notes which we call Service Sheets.

We also refer you to the official factory service manuals most of which are in the public domain courtesy of Studer / Revox. As our customer we are happy to either provide you with a manual or refer you to the appropriate download site. Further, as an after sales service, we are happy to answer any questions or difficulties you have in your repair or upgrade. We wont always know the answers but will certainly try our best to help. In any event, if we dont know the answer it is an ideal opportunity for us to increase our knowledge and experience base and so welcome all problems. Indeed perhaps you might share some of your innovative solutions and experiences. After all we certainly dont know everything and welcome advice, suggestions and constructive criticism. My philosophy is that in reality their are few problems only solutions waiting to be communicated or discovered. Why do we offer this level of support? Specialists in Revox, Studer and Nagra tape recorder overhaul and upgrade kits and parts. I love and work with Revox, Studer and Nagra vintage gear every day. Its great equipment and I love helping other enthusiasts restore their gear.

I dont just sell stuff to enthusiasts - I help with solutions and make things as easy as possible whilst still retaining the high quality and integrity of the original designers. Some with dubious white washing machine capacitors and below spec suppression caps!! Some of the more complex triple can high voltage capacitors for example I personally hand make for the F36 / G36 machines and old A40 amplifiers.

He is right of course but the satisfaction of knowing every time I sell one of those kits, a F or G36 will be brought back into this wonderful analogue world of ours, frankly tickles me pink! Revox A77 VU meters now remanufactured and better quality that the original. Motor parts such as low friction washers, shims, brake felts, lubrication felts etc - all newly manufactured for Nagravox. Solutions that make problems go away - see our new NAB deluxe overhaul kits with reel spacer disks.

GOOD IDEA - you bet. Why hasn't anyone else thought of it - who knows - its not rocket science. Will people copy me - of course - thats life. Gee - I do ramble on a bit - dont I!

If you are interested in our other endeavours please look at Nagravox or Laudarra. If you want to have a chat or chin wag - comms me at Nagravox - only a pleasure. Nagravox has a workshop and store in Sydney Australia.

If you are ever in the vicinity please visit me - there is always a good cup of tea or coffee and the chance of a chin wag. Some blurb about me and why I do this. Sometimes I might just agree! My name is Peter Mony.

I have worked in a few countries around the world for various companies in many different roles including in later years a few of my own businesses. I love vintage audio equipment and have over the last 45 years been involved in one way or another with it. I started Nagravox in 2010 after 3 years of hard thinking (my wife thought I was asleep on the couch).

I reckoned that I would love to see more of the old Revox, Studer and Nagra tape machines restored to their former glory. I love playing classical guitar, classic cars and restoring old electronic gear. In 2016 I moved to a dedicated workshop and premises not far form home on the stunning Northern Beaches of Sydney.

In my man cave, as my dearest wife calls it, I can indulge a hobby and passion reliving my youth in the 60s and 70s when I was a youngster working as a recording studio technician and building valve amplifiers for friends. Why did I start in kits? Over the years restoring Revox's, Studer's and Nagra's and inevitably running the gauntlet of finding information and spares, the engineer in me has often asked the question. Why cant I just get a professional upgrade kit with all the bits and pieces that are really needed? There is a high degree of frustration in sifting through the hype of vendors sales talk, doubt on individual components serviceability and age and the need to shop bit by bit with many of the bits in between not available.

One inevitably makes compromises and sometimes quick fixes often leaving a niggle of doubt and sadly sometimes not the results one was expecting or indeed all the promo hype intimated. Service manuals are obviously great but there is always those little nuances not fully explained, aspects seemingly missing and your particular fault symptoms not listed. Inevitably I have found that with old equipment replacing just the item that is obviously faulty or worn isn't always the end of the story or quick fix one had hoped for. So, on this basis and in a spirit of doing the job properly the first time, I have put together a series of what I call upgrade kits with all the necessary bits and pieces that are likely to be worn or old and need replacing.

If one of these needs replacing, you can be sure a lot of the associated componentry will be in a similar condition and also soon need replacing. Doing one without the other doesn't make sense!

Why fault find a leaky capacitor and replace it when its likely all electrolytic and tantalum capacitors, some of which may be 40 years old, really should be replaced despite what they may test like under low voltage test conditions. What a hassle to have to source 50 or so odd value capacitors and then worry about the quality of cheap and nasty'old stock' components that have been sitting on a shelf for years or fake Chinese made components!

My upgrade kits are thus formulated to include all the bits likely to need replacing that are commonly related. Most of the components that make up a Revox or Nagra tape machine were top quality in their day and a fair bit of the mechanical gear with a good clean up and lube will function fabulously for another 30 years. Yes, I do and can sell individual items but would prefer that you do the job properly and upgrade functionally related sections at a time. These are the ones that will likely be degrading your tape machines performance.

My full kits have written explanations and guide notes with pictures to help you. I call these Service Sheets.

The bits and pieces that go into the kits have been researched extensively, assessed carefully for suitability and tested in many restorations and projects. They are not just ordinary cheap replacements but something that will last and is of an appropriate quality and grade.

Capacitors I researched extensively in my previous business when I needed a high grade electrolytic with low leakage current and long term stability for a particular timer application. I went through 22 different manufacturers before eventually accepting just 2 of those as being of a suitable compliance to specification, performance and quality for the application. One was Japanese and the other Taiwanese. I have used this invaluable experience to source and put together the full electrolytic / tantalum capacitor upgrade kits. Likewise for the lubricating oil for the robust Revox and Nagra capstan motors. For Revox there are specific oils you use depending on how old the motor is and you do not mix them nor convert from one to the other. For example, the PDP65 oil made by Kluber in Germany for both Nagra and later Revox / Studer capstan motors is very expensive but is the ONLY oil you should ever use on particular motors. And, yes, you DO definitely need to lubricate despite Revox manuals being somewhat vague about it (later bulletins and in particular Studer did update and document this need for service lubrication). OK, before I digress further.

Here comes the small print and volumes of it.... Apologies for the'officious' stuff! THESE ARE PART OF OUR TERMS and CONDITIONS of DOING BUSINESS. If you are purchasing more than one item or kit, WE. You can request an invoice if this option is available not all eBays are the same!!!!

So, from now on, if you wont follow these directions and you pay multiple times expecting me to figure it all out - I wont. It will just stay as it is and I will have a beer on you. I apologise for burdening you with this bonehead stuff.

For some countries particularly in Eastern Europe, some Asian countries and South America, there is NO TRACKED service. You always have the option of selecting a courier service which is ridiculously expensive but is trackable at least.

If you take the tracking or consignment no. To your local post office they can track it internally.

This works in most of the countries that don't have tracked link up with Australia Post... Like Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Greece, Romania, Russian Federation etc etc. Local Australian Domestic is via Australia Post 500g.

They are trackable and take 4-10 days to most of Australia except the wop wops which is a bit longer. To those countries postal service that have a transparent international tracking system we will send via a special Australia Post tracked service (Pack n Track). For those countries who dont have an international compatible trackable collaboration we will send registered post which is safer, is not user trackable but is trackable until it enters your country but once it there. Want your stuff in a hurry? This is a fast (2 - 4 days), trackable, insured service and "ouch" expensive.

We use either Australia Post EMS or DHL. If you are in a hurry or are really dubious of your post system (eg most places in Africa) then maybe. We are investigating a DHL service that gets out of Australia on DHL but then coordinates with the national postal service in your country. Please don't ask me to specifically use this facility as I may not be able to.

Usually this is at what you paid. However, I believe, vintage audio enthusiasts should not be penalised for their hobby by greedy governments! So, if you want a specific value declared but at your risk, just ask. The first tier of weight category is at 500g and then 1Kg, 1.5Kg etc.

(Domestic next category is 3Kg). If it goes over 500g for international its roughly 0.85x the lesser weight category cost. Most cap pot kits weigh between 245 and 450g. Motor kits are about 150g.

YOUR ADDRESS this is really really important. It may be obvious but PLEASE make sure your address is 100% correct and add more information if there could be any possibility of ambiguity. Do not exceed this 30character including spaces limit per line. Do not use foreign language symbols like o ß - ° Ç.

We rely on this auto link up which is very good but wont translate symbols properly or long lines of characters. Please also use capitalisation for your name etc. IT MUST BE PERFECTLY CLEAR and ACCURATE. If it isnt the fault is with you and so is the risk. · DONT exceed 30 characters per line including spaces. · Your full name is clear and capitalised appropriately eg Mr Firstname Surname etc. · House / flat / section number and street number are clearly demarcated with a comma and space between them. Spell it out on a separate line if it is a flat in a block in a street no shorthand.

· Suburb, Town is clearly shown. · City is shown on a separate line. · UK people Australia Post does not recognise your little hamlet of 5 people in the middle of a suburb or town. Add more information in case it spits the dummy which it often does for UK addresses it likes a known suburb, town or city.

· Postal or Zip code is shown exactly as it should be. Dont add spaces, embellishments or abbreviations.

Australia Post system checks to see it is a valid international post code and spits the dummy if it isnt. · DONT use abbreviations for your state.

Eg TX, MN etc means nothing to it. SERIOUSLY its good idea if your post service want to get hold of you concerning your parcel! We only post out once a week usually on a Friday or if the wheels wobble, on Monday.

We have given approx transit times above and these are on the pessimistic side of what Australia Post indicates. Parcels to South America and East European countries can take up to 6 weeks why only the Gods know! UK, EU and USA are usually pretty quick but there are exceptions sometimes to the USA where some states postal service sometimes forget to wake up in the mornings. GETTING SERVICE SHEETS and LITERATURE. THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED IN WHAT WE SEND YOU you must request them. Some of our files are 200Mb. Please just be patient during the down load it does take time and the strange interface makes it seem like nothing is happening. It is go make a cup of tea!

SUPPORT FOR NAGRAVOX KITS and PARTS. I supply service sheets and support on the following basis. Parts and cut down kits don't generally have service sheets - only full kits.

Sometimes however I may have written a technical note applicable to a particular part and its installation which with pleasure is available to you. Please don't expect support if you don't bother to look at my service sheets. No 3rd party is authorised. Any unauthorized reprint or use of any of my material is prohibited. No part of any guide may be reproduced, communicated or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written consent from Jenform Australia Pty Ltd - which will not be unreasonably withheld - just ask! Service sheets are for DIY private enthusiast use only and NOT for commercial service, sales or competitors unless you have received permission by prior arrangement with me. I welcome commercial purchasers on a mutually cooperative and fellowship basis. IMPERFECTIONS definitely NO NOS or 2nd hand! WE DONT SELL ANY 2nd HAND CAPS or POTS! On the can type multi-caps and electrolytics we hand make these and epoxy encapsulate them so there may be small traces of glue on the terminals. Just scrape or file clean before soldering. Gosh it is hand made by me personally I might even autograph one for you. And may be famous one day. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE. This includes I havent got my package yet. Even if you have only just asked! We have very few issues and pride ourselves that nearly all are resolved easily.

Very seldom do we have an unreasonable customer and most of you are into the spirit and credo in which I make these kits and parts available indeed my raison detre. If you are grumpy and a pain in the. If you are a happy sort and have a positive outlook seeing the good in people rather than the negative, you will get a lot out of me and our relationship. We should always be able to sit down and have a cup of tea, glass of wine and a chat. So - No boneheads please!

Remember, contact me direct which is easier for me to give in depth answers. I apologise for all this official stuff above but over the years it has become necessary unfortunately. Good on ya as we say down under! All the best with your restoration and hobby. I hope our kits and parts can help you achieve your goal of a perfectly operating Studer or Revox machine...

Running like the proverbial Swiss watch! May the analogue force be with you. Upbeat Pete at Nagravox Australia. The item "Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215" is in sale since Tuesday, December 2, 2014.

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Revox Studer Cassette Tape Overhaul Service Kits A710 A721 B710 B215